A Dentist that Accepts Workers' Comp Payments

Any work-related injury is accompanied by a wide range of feelings. There is the pain of the injury. On top of that is the uncertainty that comes from wondering what will happen next. There are workers' compensation forms to fill out, doctors to see and treatment plans to deal with. It is the same when the work-related injury is a mouth trauma.

The challenge with a mouth trauma is finding a dentist that accepts workers' compensation payments. Treatment plans for workers' comp need to follow certain protocols and the forms need to be filed within a certain timeframe. This can be problematic in dental practices unfamiliar with the process. Fortunately, Montevallo Family Dentistry is a dental practice where workers' compensation claims are welcomed.

We understand the trauma that occurs in such situations. Emergency dental treatment for such cases is vital. The sooner the injury can be assessed and a treatment plan developed, the better it is for the patient. At a time like this, it is good to know that you have a dentist who understands the gravity and immediacy of the situation. This is the case at Montevallo Family Dentistry.

Was Your Mouth Injured on the Job?

Certain jobs such as construction, manufacturing jobs, cleaning and food service jobs can lead to injuries involving the mouth and jaw. Vehicle accidents on the job can also be a source of mouth trauma. Even though injuries to the mouth and jaw are relatively rare, they can happen, especially in conjunction with injuries sustained above the neck. An employee who slips and falls or falls from a ladder can incur mouth trauma.

Mouth injuries run along a continuum of mild to severe. A traumatic mouth injury could be as simple as a split lip or cut tongue. These types of injuries can happen with a fall or a blow to the head.

Teeth can be damaged in mouth injuries as well. They can be broken, cracked, knocked loose or even knocked out completely. All of these injuries require immediate attention. Early treatment for such injuries is the best defense against more severe trauma happening later on. A damaged tooth may involve the pulp or tooth nerve. Untreated, this could lead to infection of the tooth. Such injuries may require root canal therapy.

In some instances, tooth repair may only entail bonding. Serious cases may require that a dental crown is placed on the tooth. When a tooth is knocked out, it needs to be replaced. If possible, a dental implant may be advised. A dental bridge or partial dentures are other options if an implant is not feasible.

If the jaw is involved in the injury, which can be the case in the event of a blow to the head or a fall, the temporomandibular joint may be injured. Accurate diagnosis of TMJ/TMD is necessary to develop an effective treatment plan. Severe headaches, neck ache, shoulder pain and sometimes facial pain or earache are associated with TMJ/TMD problems.

Call Now - for help with a Mouth Trauma, Cracked Teeth, TMJ, and Dental Implants!

Montevallo Family Dentistry has comprehensive dental care to provide excellent treatment for any work-related mouth trauma, including TMJ/TMD issues. In addition to providing excellent dental care to get you back on to the road to recovery from your work-related mouth trauma quickly, we also help with your workers' compensation claim.

Finding the right dentist to handle your work-related mouth injury does not need to be difficult. Contact Montevallo Family Dentistry. We have the expertise to provide you with the compassionate care you need when coping with this type of trauma. Our staff is committed to providing excellent care to help you feel comfortable and at ease.