When Your Teeth Grinding Needs a Dentist

Woman in Dentist Chair with PainDo you grind or clench your teeth? Some people do it when they are stressed. Others do it unknowingly while they are asleep. It is even common for athletes to do it during intense play. Teeth grinding, or bruxism, is something that needs to be addressed sooner rather than later due to the damage it can bring to your oral health. While it may be a subconscious response, your teeth grinding habit can also be caused by an imbalanced bite or other dental issue that needs attention.

The Risk of Bruxism and How a Dentist Can Help

Regardless of what is causing you to grind your teeth, it can wreak havoc on your smile, your overall health and your quality of life if it is not treated properly. Chronic friction and pressure on your teeth, gums and jaw can result in severe TMJ symptoms, worn teeth and eventual tooth loss. Since many nighttime teeth grinders don't know they are doing it (unless their partner informs them), it is important to know the warning signs of bruxism. If you suffer from the following on a frequent basis, let a dentist address your concerns:

  • Frequent headaches
  • Earaches and neck pain
  • Jaw pain and tenderness
  • Worn, chipped or flat looking teeth
  • Locked jaw

Once you've identified bruxism, it is time to consider your treatment options. Bruxism can be treated in a number of ways and a dentist will carefully evaluate your specific case before recommending a solution. The most common bruxism treatment is a custom mouth guard to prevent the jaw from clenching and the teeth from grinding. This mouth guard can be worn during the night, during sports or during stressful situations.

If bite misalignment is the cause of your teeth grinding habit, you may be given restorative or orthodontic treatment options to realign your teeth. If damage has already been done to your smile, rest assured that there are plenty of restorative services to choose from that can restore the form and integrity of your affected teeth, including dental crowns and dental bonding.

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