What Warrants Tooth Removal?

Montevallo AL Tooth ExtractionsYou only get one set of permanent teeth in your lifetime, so it can be devastating when one needs to be extracted. While a skilled dentist will do everything they can to protect and save your natural teeth, there are times when tooth removal is necessary or best. Rest assured that modern dentistry allows for comfortable tooth extractions with conservative techniques that preserve surrounding healthy tissues and bone as much as possible.

Reasons for Tooth Extraction

A tooth extraction does not have to be an intimidating or painful experience. Beyond our trained technique at Montevallo Family Dentistry, we also offer sedation dentistry to ensure your discomfort is greatly reduced or eliminated altogether. If an extraction is recommended, it is for the benefit of your overall dental health and to prevent more serious and costly problems. Here are some common reasons that a tooth extraction is necessary:

  • Severe decay
  • Advanced gum disease
  • Infection
  • Orthodontic correction
  • Fractured teeth or damaged roots
  • Impacted teeth (wisdom teeth)

Regardless of why you need a tooth extraction, you'll be met with patient-centered care throughout your visit. Your procedure will be concluded with a thorough explanation of your post-operative instructions, including steps to take to accelerate your healing. Unless it is a baby tooth, wisdom tooth or extracted tooth for orthodontic reasons, you will likely need to consider the next step of tooth replacement. Our Montevallo dental clinic offers complete implant dentistry for your convenience.

To learn more about why your tooth removal was recommended and what to expect during your procedure, please call Dr. Shunnarah today.

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