The Top Gifts You Can Give Your Kids For Christmas in 2018

Happy Holidays EcardChristmas is coming! Do you have your shopping lists and naughty or nice lists all in order? Have you started your holiday shopping et? It’s amazing seeing the extent that parents will go to get their children the best Christmas gifts. Are you curious what the top gifts are for Christmas 2018?

According to the Toy Insider some of this year’s top picks include:

  1. Chow Crown
  2. Hatchibabies
  3. Harry Potter Wizard Training Wands
  4. Boxy Girls
  5. Arcade1up

Does that list get you stressed as you consider which one will bring your daughter the most holiday cheer and make her smile? You may wonder if the toy will make it until Valentine’s Day 2019. The funny thing about these gifts is they all go out of style, break and can no longer be a fad as soon as Christmas is over.

Why not consider giving your child a gift that will never go out of style! A healthy and beautiful smile will accompany your kiddo everywhere he goes. It will never go out of style and is one of the greatest gifts you can give your children.

At Montevallo Family Dentistry, we love your kids. We will help you give your children the gift of a healthy smile. During our pediatric dental appointment we will educate your child on the factors that contribute to their healthy smile. A gentle cleaning and exam will help maintain the health of their teeth and smile. We also offer a full menu of general and restorative dental services for your kids, including sealants, fluoride treatments and composite filings.

Book your child’s pediatric dental appointment with Dr. Bobby F. Shunnarah, DMD at Montevallo Family Dentistry today.

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