The Importance of Dental Checkups for Kids

Montevallo AL Children's Dental CareGoing to the dentist should be something that your child looks forward to – a ticklish polish, vitamins for strong teeth, and a dentist who puts a big smile on your face. At Montevallo Family Dentistry, Dr. Shunnarah and our dental team are committed to making these visits as relaxing as possible.

Baby Teeth Can Decay Very Quickly
Routine checkups mean that we can spot tooth decay when it just starts to form. At this point, it's easier (and more affordable) to treat it quickly without causing your child unnecessary discomfort. Putting off the next checkup means that it could be a huge cavity the next time we see you in our office.

Your Child's Adult Smile Depends on Healthy Baby Teeth
For a healthy adult smile, your child needs healthy baby teeth. Their primary teeth act as guides for proper tooth eruption. If they're infected, it can cause damage to their permanent counterparts.

Prevent Problems Before They Start
Our Montevallo dental team is committed to teaching your child how to take great care of their teeth from an early age. It all starts with smart dietary choices and good oral hygiene habits at home.

A Confident Feel
Did you know that one of the best ways to prevent anxiety related to dental care is to bring your child in for their routine checkups? That way, their first visit isn't associated with something scary or painful. We want to reduce their risk of dental problems through relaxing and fun preventive services.

Experts recommend dental checkups for kids starting by age one. Call Montevallo Family Dentistry today to book your child's first visit with us!

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