The Dental Health Dangers of Smoking

smoking manYou may be aware of the harmful effects that smoking can have on your general health, especially when it comes to your heart and lungs. Your smoking habit, however, can also contribute to some serious setbacks within your oral health. Not only can the aesthetics of your smile be threatened, but the health of your teeth and gums may also be in danger.

At Montevallo Family Dentistry, we want to help patients avoid the serious consequences of smoking – not just for their body health but for their smile health too.

Here is a closer look at what can happen inside your mouth if you are a smoker:

Stained Teeth

Tobacco use is known for cause yellowing and brownish stains on teeth, which can be difficult to remove even with professional cleaning.

Bad Breath

“Smokers breath” is not an appealing or attractive trait. Smoking causes a stale and unpleasant breath odor that often lingers long after you’ve had a cigarette.

Gum Disease

Smoking more than doubles the risk of developing gum disease, a serious infection that damages the gum tissue and can cause tooth loss.

Delayed Healing

Smokers may experience delayed healing after dental procedures such as tooth extraction, due to reduced blood flow and impaired immune function.

Oral Cancer

Tobacco use, including smoking, is a significant risk factor for oral cancer, which can affect the lips, tongue, gums and other areas of the mouth.

Reduced Taste or Smell

Smoking can hinder the ability to taste and smell, which can make food less enjoyable.

If you’ve made the switch to electronic cigarettes, otherwise known as vaping, you may think you have avoided the dangers of tobacco products altogether. Not so fast. Vaping also poses oral health risks, including gum irritations, decay, dry mouth and more.

As your trusted dentist, we want you to kick the habits that damage your smile. If you currently have dental issues due to years of smoking, however, we can help. Our dentists offer a full menu of restorative and cosmetic dentistry services to ensure you regain a confident and healthy smile.

Posted on behalf of Montevallo Family Dentistry