Straightening Your Smile

Summer's coming! Are you ready for it? Winter is bidding its final goodbyes and spring is budding all around us. According to, our historical monthly average temperature is 69 degrees for the month of March.

If the changes in the weather and seasons are triggering your thoughts to other changes, why not consider making a positive change to your smile? Dr. Shunnarah at Montevallo Family Dentistry offers his patients eCligner orthodontic treatment to give you straight teeth and improve your smile appearance. However, there are other, unexpected benefits to having an aligned smile as well!

Your overall oral and physical health receives the benefits of aligned teeth. When your teeth are aligned, they lower your risk of periodontal and gum disease. Properly aligned teeth ensure your teeth and gums are in an optimal position, so there are fewer places for bacteria to grow. Straighter teeth can also give you fresher breath. Hiding bacteria in your teeth give you the bad breath you hate so much.

The American Dental Association says straight teeth and regular flossing and brushing may help reduce your risk of serious health conditions like heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and pneumonia. Tooth misalignment can also lead to jaw misalignment. Jaw misalignment can result in a painful condition called TMJ Syndrome.

“Happiness and confidence are the prettiest things you can wear.” –Taylor Swift

Not only will aligned teeth benefit your health, but it will also give you a confident smile. Call Montevallo Family Dentistry to get your healthy and confident smile with the convenience you deserve. We offer eCligner clear, custom aligners that are highly discreet and offer you faster results than traditional orthodontics.

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