Ready For Your New Year’s Smooch?

Montevallo AL DentistDecember 31st is approaching quickly. The Times Square apple is about to drop, and people all over the world will watch the clock closely to be ready for the clink of the festive drink cups and the long-awaited kiss. Kissing sure is close and intimate, isn’t it? There’s really no space you can create between your lips and the lips of the person you’re smooching. But really, why would you want space between you and the person that you’re smooching?

Perhaps you’ve become accustomed to making “breathing” space between you and all those around you due to your bad breath. If this is the case, then a New Year’s kiss may be something you’re not ready for.

If you have chronic bad breath, Dr. Shunnarah of Montevallo Family Dentistry is ready to help you tackle your halitosis. Dr. Shunnarah, DMD will first determine what is causing your bad breath and then provide you with a tailored plan for you using the best treatments available. We’ll help you attain a kiss-ready mouth just in time for the big smooch at midnight on December 31st.

Don’t let your bad breath hold you back from your intimate moments with the one you love during the holidays. Let our team at Montevallo Family Dentistry help you spend meaningful moments with your loved one this New Year’s Eve.

Book your appointment with Dr. Shunnarah quickly before 2017 bids its final goodbye. Start 2018 with a fresh start and fresh breath as well. Book your halitosis treatment appointment today!

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