New to Nitrous Oxide? Why You Should Give Laughing Gas a Try

Montevallo AL Dental Treatments with Nitrous OxideAre you getting a filling for the first time? Have you finally decided to get that root canal that you really need? You don't have to tough your way through it. Why not enjoy the convenience of a light sedative to help you "take the edge off" of your anxiety?

You're Fully Conscious
Did you know that this mild sedative eases your perception of discomfort, yet leaves you completely conscious? You'll know what's going on, but you just won't care as much. This is extremely useful if we need to communicate with you during the procedure.

It Works Quickly
Nitrous oxide only takes about five minutes before it reaches the point of relaxation that we're aiming to achieve. Our Montevallo dentist can also adjust the sedative during your procedure, if you need a little bit more or less. This allows us to better manage your comfort throughout the entire appointment.

It's Affordable
At the affordable cost of laughing gas, the real question is "why shouldn't you use it?" Adding it onto the cost of your dental treatment pays off for the simplicity and peace of mind that you'll get to experience during the process.

You Can Drive Yourself Home Afterward
What other sedatives wear off in just 5 or 10 minutes after your appointment? None! Laughing gas leaves your pulmonary system after just a few minutes back on 100% oxygen. It's even safe to drive yourself back home once we're finished. There are no residual effects.

Montevallo Family Dentistry offers nitrous oxide as a part of our routine dental services. Book your visit with us today!

Posted on behalf of Montevallo Family Dentistry