Keeping Your Oral Appliance Intact

Montevallo AL OrthodontistAt Montevallo Family Dentistry, Dr. Shunnarah utilizes several types of oral appliances. eCligner clear aligner trays are used to correct misaligned or gapped teeth. Other custom oral appliances will help with sleep apnea, snoring, teeth grinding and TMJ. At your dental appointment, Dr. Shunnarah will determine if one of these types of oral appliances are right for your particular dental needs.

As with all oral appliances, they are used in your mouth. Whatever goes in your mouth needs to remain clean and free from bacteria. Be sure to clean your particular appliance as instructed by Dr. Shunnarah.

Another important reminder for your oral appliances is to keep them safe and effective.

  • If your oral appliance is not in your mouth, it should be stored in the provided container or case.
  • For some reason, your dog is highly attracted to your oral appliances. We think it has to do with the scent of your saliva. They also make a great chew toy. Be sure to store your oral appliance out of reach of your pooch.
  • If your oral appliance is compromised in size or shape in any way, be sure to check with Dr. Shunnarah to ensure it is still functioning as it should be.
  • If your oral appliance’s fit seems to become either too tight or too loose, you may need an adjustment.

If you’re experiencing sleep apnea, snoring, teeth grinding, TMJ or smile dissatisfaction, book your appointment with Dr. Shunnarah to see if an oral appliance or eCligner can help you.

Posted on behalf of Montevallo Family Dentistry