It’s Time To Step Up And Be The Boss Of The Floss In Your House

Man in Dentist Chair at Montevallo Family DentistryHappy Father’s Day! Dr. Bobby Shunnarah, DMD would like to give a big fist bump to all the fellow dads out there. He fully understands the pressures and joys that fatherhood brings. Being the boss of a lot can be overwhelming, but also the biggest joy. Dr. Shunnarah would like to remind all men to include your family’s dental care in your list of top priorities in your home.

According to an article in Colgate, “women are more proactive than men in maintaining their teeth and gums.” According to the article, women also have better indicators of periodontal health and have lower incidence of dental plague.

It seems to be obvious that by being more proactive with dental care that there would be lower incidence of dental plaque. This means men, generally speaking, have higher incidence of dental plaque.

Why not step up and crush the statistics? Don’t let you or your family fall into the normal pattern. Men, become the boss of your own dental health and encourage the rest of your family to follow along with you.

How To Lead By Example When Promoting Periodontal Health In Your Family

  • Book regular dental appointments for each of the members of your family.
  • Model proper flossing each day. Let your kids see you do it and challenge them to a “floss off” to see who can floss every day in the month!
  • Make brushing fun. Do a little wiggle and dance with your kids as you all brush together before bed and in the morning.

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