Giving Mom The Peace She Deserves For Mother’s Day

Woman Under Sedation Asleep in Dentist ChairYour mom juggles a lot! She keeps track of your schedules, helps with homework, works her job and usually does all this while multi-tasking. Is your home peaceful and quiet, or do you provide a certain level of noise and commotion to your home for your mom? If you're looking for the perfect gift for your mom, here's a suggestion for you. Your mom wants some peace and quiet.

Mom Wants Quiet

Why not give the gift of quietness to your mom this year for Mother's Day? Send her back to her room with her favorite book and resist the urge to knock on her door and ask what you can have for a snack. Leave her alone for a little. If your mom enjoys taking a bath, buy her a bath bomb to soak in, while she's surrounded by silence and solitude. Your mom with thank you for the gift of quiet, and you never had to spend a penny!

Mom Wants Peace

Every mom wants peace in her home. Why not take a break from fighting with your sibling for the day? Alternatively, you could vow to avoid whining for 24 hours to give her a break from every mom's worst sound. Not only does mom want to be surrounded by peace, but it also gives her much peace knowing you are safe, secure and peaceful.

Dental Sedation For A Mom's Peaceful Heart

If your mom struggles with feeling peaceful during her dental visit, why not encourage her to try sedation dentistry to help alleviate the anxiety and fears related to the dental care she needs. Alternatively, if you struggle with dental anxiety, your mom can experience peace knowing that you are at rest getting the care you need while using sedation dentistry.

Montevallo Family Dentistry offers you an inviting and peaceful environment, and we also offer sedation dentistry for patients that struggle with dental anxiety. Book you or your mom's dental appointment today with Dr. Shunnarah.


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