Getting Ready To Celebrate World Oral Health Day On March 20

Montevallo AL DentistThis month is a great time to celebrate the love for your teeth by honoring World Oral Health Day. It is a day to celebrate the benefits of a healthy mouth and to promote worldwide awareness about dental issues and good oral hygiene. It is a day to use activities to promote the love of your teeth and how to care for them. At Montevallo Family Dentistry, Dr. Shunnarah, DMD, can offer you one of many ways to show your teeth some love for World Oral Health Day.

Maintaining your dental cleanings and checkups for you and your family will be a great gesture of love for you and everyone you love. These appointments are invaluable in the fight against tooth decay. A cleaning and checkup also ensures that your mouth remains clear of bacteria-causing food particle and plaque.

Poor dental hygiene can cause you to have bad breath (halitosis). If your food particles remain on your teeth, bacteria will buildup. Plaque (a sticky substance), if not removed, will form tartar that can cause gingivitis. Gingivitis can cause halitosis and cavities, which cause you to have bad breath.

World Oral Health Day is a great time to show your loved one how much you love him with a simple kiss. Dr. Shunnarah, at Montevallo Family Dentistry will examine your teeth, clean them and ensure that you’re ready for your family and loved one kisses.

Book your comprehensive dental exam with Dr. Shunnarah, at Montevallo Family Dentistry today. He will evaluate your teeth, gums, and bone tissue to get a complete view of your overall dental health.

Call us at Montevallo Family Dentistry today to schedule an appointment for your next cleaning and checkup. We’ll help you get ready to honor World Oral Health Day with a healthy mouth and smile.

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