Flossing And Fine Motor Skills

Montevallo AL Dentist for ChildrenDr. Shunnarah would like to remind his patients that it’s important to floss one time a day. The American Dental Association recommends this frequency of flossing as well. This process may help prevent gum disease and cavities and removes plaque. When you do not remove plaque from your teeth (and between them) the bacteria-filled plaque eats the leftover food or sugar that is in your mouth. After that, it will release an acid that eats away at the outer shell of your teeth. The end result is unwanted cavities.

Flossing is necessary for everyone with teeth, even preschoolers! Perhaps you have a preschooler who is struggling with manipulating and navigating the floss between and around their teeth. We’d like to suggest a few ideas for helping your preschooler get the appropriate flossing that they need.

  • Have patience. Learning a new skill for a preschooler is difficult. It takes a lot of repetition. Give your little one time and space to eventually accomplish this big achievement on their own.
  • Give assistance. Begin by flossing your child’s teeth while they hold a mirror and watch. Then proceed to give them opportunity to practice by doing every other tooth. When you’re sure they’ve mastered the method, give them full independence.
  • To develop fine motor skills offer your child safety scissors to cut things. Have them play with play dough. Offer them squeeze toys to play with in the bath.

As your child learns how to floss independently he/she will need lots of encouragement from you. Dr. Bobby Shunnarah at Montevallo Family Dentistry loves kids too. He offers pediatric dentistry, and is proud to offer a fun, caring and safe environment for your child to get the dental care that is needed. Call and book your child’s appointment with us today.

Posted on behalf of Montevallo Family Dentistry