eCligner For The Win!

Montevallo AL OrthodontistIt’s football season and nobody likes it when the team loses. Winning rules when it comes to college football. So, let’s talk about eCligner in football terms, because we like to have a little fun around here at Montevallo Family Dentistry.

Bringing your A game!

With eCligner you’ll be bringing your A game to your teeth straightening game. eCligner is the original creator of clear aligners that will correct your teeth with an easy weekly aligner system. It started in 1998 and has provided satisfaction to patients in 49 different countries all over the world.

Trick Play

A trick play in football is a play that involves deception and tactics to ‘trick’ or fool the opposing team. eCligner aligning trays are virtually invisible, so they can fool all those around you. While others think your teeth have nothing on them, you’re actually fooling them because you’re in the process of achieving a winning smile! Dental trick play accomplished!


eCligner will provide you with the winning smile that you’ve been longing for. If you’re experiencing smile dissatisfaction, misalignment or crowding, gapping, or overbite eCligner will deliver you with a winning trophy smile. Not only will you get smile satisfaction, but also your self-confidence and sense of satisfaction will be at its peek.

While we at Montevallo Family Dentistry can’t help you win your football games, we can help call the winning plays for your smile. Call our office today to find out if eCligner clear aligning system is right for you!

Posted on behalf of Montevallo Family Dentistry