Early Dental Visits are Vital for Your Child

Mom and Daughter LaughingHaving a child brings much joy to parents, and it also brings an extreme level of new responsibility. Children require an infinite amount of love, a generous amount of patience, and untold hours of care. Many new parents forget to take into account that children need dental care and that it is best to begin at a very young age.

The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends that all children receive early oral health intervention. It is recommended that every child visits the dentist by his or her second birthday. Many dentists prefer to see children by age 1. These ages may seem very young for children to see the dentist, but early dental visits are vital for your child. When your child visits the dentist by age two, they will be used to visiting the dentist early in life.

Many parents who wait to bring their children into the dentist's office until they begin losing their baby teeth find that their children are afraid of the dentist. This fear is precisely what early dental visits help prevent. When children learn from an early age that the dentist is friendly and trustworthy, they are much more likely to feel comfortable in the dentist's chair. Early dental visits are meant to encourage the relationship between a friendly dentist and a healthy mouth.

Early dental visits are also vital for your child because these first visits provide the dentist with a reference of your child's mouth. When your dentist and dental hygienist are familiar with your child's oral health care, it is easy for them to spot concerns right away. Anything that looks "out of place" or concerning will be easily detected when the dentist has a baseline from which to go by. Early intervention can avoid many future oral health care concerns.

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