Accidents, Athletes, And The Olympics

There’s something about watching the Winter Olympics that sparks in each of us a newly ignited passion to perform and win. Which Olympic sport or athlete are you cheering for? Are you glued to your television watching to see how many medals our country is accumulating? Here’s a listing of all things having to do with the games so you can have the latest and greatest news from PyeongChang, and you won’t miss a single event.

The Benefits Of A Family Dental Practice

Montevallo Family Dentistry is proud to serve every member of your family all under one roof. We are equipped and excited to serve your family from the youngest to the oldest. Our relaxed and inviting environment is designed to offer the most effective treatments to every person in your family. There are many benefits to our type of family dentistry practice at Montevallo Family Dentistry.

Ready For Your New Year’s Smooch?

December 31st is approaching quickly. The Time’s Square apple is about to drop, and people all over the world will watch the clock closely to be ready for the clink of the festive drink cups and the long-awaited kiss. Kissing sure is close and intimate, isn’t it? There’s really no space you can create between your lips and the lips of the person you’re smooching. But really, why would you want space between you and the person that you’re smooching?

A Guide To Common Dental Terms

Have you ever entered a dental office (or any medical facility for that matter) and felt like everyone there was speaking a different language? Perhaps you only understood about half of what was being said, and therefore you either zoned out, or were too embarrassed to ask for clarification.

eCligner For The Win!

It’s football season and nobody likes it when the team loses. Winning rules when it comes to college football. So, let’s talk about eCligner in football terms, because we like to have a little fun around here at Montevallo Family Dentistry.

Flossing And Fine Motor Skills

Dr. Shunnarah would like to remind his patients that it’s important to floss one time a day. The American Dental Association recommends this frequency of flossing as well. This process may help prevent gum disease and cavities and removes plaque.

Keeping Your Oral Appliance Intact

At Montevallo Family Dentistry, Dr. Shunnarah utilizes several types of oral appliances. eCligner clear aligner trays are used to correct misaligned or gapped teeth. Other custom oral appliances will help with sleep apnea, snoring, teeth grinding and TMJ.

What To Do After Your Wisdom Teeth Removal

At Montevallo Family Dentistry, Dr. Shunnarah has the expertise to remove your wisdom teeth with professional and comfortable methods that will give you a peace of mind that you (or your teen) are in good hands. It’s important that you are prepared in the event that you or a member of your family needs this procedure.

Your Picky Eater

Do you have a picky eater in your family? Most families have at least one of them. All families have preferential eaters. What is the difference between picky and preferential eaters? A preference likes one food item over another. Picky has a more extreme meaning when discussing preferences. Picky can be the extent of too choosey or careful about food options.

Your Dental Visit And Periodontal Charts

Your twice a year dental visit is a time to get your teeth evaluated and cleaned. They are vital to keeping your teeth healthy and well. During your visit there may be things that happen that you don’t understand. For example, you may be trying to understand the coincidence as to how it seems like the hygienist always asks you what your plans are for the weekend while their hands are in your mouth.